Replica Watches - IWC Aquatimer 

At SIHH 2009, IWC showcased a new Aquatimer family that will include five models ranging in size from 44 to 46 mm: the Deep 2 which follows up the Deep One, 3 chronographs including a special Galapagos Islands model, and the Aquatimer automated two thousand. These versions all presents a quick change system on its bracelet.

Its precedent, the GST Deep One from 1999 showed both the real dive depth and the maximum depth on each serious dive. The water pressure causes the surface within the crown to react to it forcing a pin into the inside of the covering. Hands are then guided around the movement. The blue depth indicator is moves as the water boosts or decreases. The maximum depth indicator ( red ) always stays at the greatest depth reached. It can be re leased by a button underneath the depth-gauge sensor crown on the left side of the case. The Aquatimer Deep two is the only member of the family with a case diameter of 46mm. The other replica watches of IWC also has a 46mm diameter same with its real equivalent.

Featuring the same 44mm case size and the same automated drive mechanism (79320 caliber movement) as the Aquatimer timepiece, the Aquatimer timepiece Edition Galapagos Islands is the ambassador of a new collaboration between IWC and the Charles Darwin Foundation with its presence on the Galapagos Islands. The casing is created of matte finish in black stainless steel covered with vulcanized rubber,with the black dial strongly contrasting white signals, and the black rubber strap that is also pressure resistant completes the whole statement of the wrist-watch. 

Aquatimer Chronograph

Featuring facets of the new Aquatimer family like the external revolving bezel and the bracelet quick change system, the Aquatimer chronograph is available in stainless steel with either a stainless-steel bracelet or a rubber strap. The covering is pressure resistant in 44 mm diameter. It could record up to 12 hours on rhodium coats internal dials. The chronograph displays the day and dates.

Aquatimer Chronograph in Red Gold

It is set apart by its flyback function and the two-hand show of the long stop times on a single inner dial. The 89360 is also conspicuous through the sapphire glass back.

Aquatimer Automatic 2000

The IWC replica watches are water resistant too however they aren't water evidence. The distinguished color of yellow is also utilized for the minute hand which is also used to point out dive time. It gets power from the 30110 calibre automated movement. This is available with options on stainless-steel or a rubber strap.